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SIGS offers recreational gymnastics, tumbling, trampoline, and swim classes for children. Our gymnastics program begins from 20 months (parent and tot) and our swim program begins at 6 months (parent and tot). Our classes feature progressive lesson plans and programs are divided by age and skill. 


  • Classes meet weekly (progressive / team readiness classes are by invitation only, and may meet more than once a week).

  • Swim classes are 30 minutes long and feature a 4:1 or 5:1 ratio depending on levels; 45-minute options are offered for some upper level classes based on availability

  • Gymnastics, trampoline, and tumbling classes meet for 40, 50, and 80 minutes; see class descriptions

Gymnastics Classes from $70/month

Our gymnastics program begins with our smallest friends, ages 20 months (parent & tot) up to high school ages. 


Our toddler - preschool program takes place upstairs at SIGS in The Launch Pad, a special place with smaller equipment, a trampoline track, and lesson plans built to engage mind and body while they learn to take turns, listen, learn body positioning, balance, and more! 


Our kindergarten and older friends are downstairs in the large gym. Using progressive lesson plans, students work in stations on a variety of gymnastics equipment while working to build core strength, balance, form and body positioning, self-confidence and more. We also work on respect for our friends, listening skills and develop determined and disciplined minds. 


Beginning with Kindergarten ages, we split boys and girls in the gymnastics program. 

  • Our girls work the 4 gymnastics apparatus: Uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise, and vault.​

  • Our boys work on 6 gymnastics apparatus: Parallel bars, still rings, pommel horse, vault, floor exercise, high bars


Though not every apparatus is worked on at each practice, the skills for each apparatus are. 

Tumbling Classes from $70/month

Cheer tumbling and cheer tumbling progressions: While SIGS hasn't offered cheerleading teams in several years, thousands of students come to SIGS to learn and perfect these progressions - our 40+ years in the community with skilled coaches and instructors are the reason! 


Our classes are divided by both age and skill. 

  • Beginner: cartwheels, round-offs, and bridge-up kickovers.

  • Intermediate: After mastering all beginner level tumbling, intermediate tumblers are taught back handsprings, and round-off back handsprings. Once mastered, athletes will then work on round-off back handspring series, round-off three series, and standing two back handsprings.

  • Advanced: More advanced series tumbling, layouts, twisting tumbling and series. 

Swim Classes from $57/month

Swimming is a life skill and we offer lessons year round! We feature low instructor to student ratios, certified and trained instructors, lesson plans by level, and encourage fun and safety in water. Our classes begin with parent and tot as early as 6 months, and we even help students get swim-team ready if that is their goal! 

Trampoline & Tumbling from $70/month

This isn't your backyard trampoline instruction! 

Trampolining is a competitive Olympic sport - air awareness, core strength, tumbling, body positions are all important! Our classes focus on all of these and more, including simple jumps in the pike, tuck, or straddle position, to more complex combinations of forward or backward somersaults and twists.


SIGS has a large rod floor and several trampolines, including a double mini, for athletes to train and perfect their techniques. 

Aerial Classes from $70/month


Our Aerial program is great for building upper body and core strength. Classes meet once a week and are taught by instructors who have experience with silks. Safety is our top priority! Students will begin on the ground, learning technique and wraps.  For currently enrolled SIGS athletes in teams or classes, there is a 10% discount on second and subsequent classes per household! 

Program is for ages 8 through adults!

Individual Lessons at SIGS

SIGS does offer individualized instruction for athletes looking to perfect or work on skills for gymnastics and tumbling. 


We gather information first, your current skills and desired goal. Age of athlete, height and weight (for proper spotting of skills pairing the right coach with the right athlete). We ask you to list all of your availability, days and times.


We take a $50 deposit which goes toward your lessons (5 lessons are $115). Once we pair you with a coach we set the weekly lessons and collect the rest of your payment. Due to coordination of various schedules, the process can take 7-10 days total, but we try to get back to you as soon as possible! 

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