This is for the Middletown United Methodist Preschool EXTENDED DAY GYMNASTICS program. A satellite program offered at MUMPS for more than 20 years. Participants must be registered at the preschool to join the Extended Day Program.


(for P.M. preschool)


Our afternoon preschool friends join us for Extended Day BEFORE preschool! 


  • 10:50 - 11:00: Miss Kelly and staff will assist with getting friends from carpool to the gymnasium.

  • 11:00 - 11:45: Gymnastics class 

  • 11:45 - 12:10: Lunch (please pack a healthy lunch - 2 or 3 items and a beverage are sufficient for little ones; in line with school policy, no nuts/peanut butter)

  • 12:10 - 12:30: Group activity with friends

  • 12:30: SIGS staff escorts your child to PreSchool


(for A.M. preschool)


Our morning preschool friends join us for Extended Day AFTER preschool! 


  • 11:45: SIGS Staff escorts your child from preschool to Extended Day Gymnastics.

  • 11:45 - 12:10:  Lunch (please pack a healthy lunch - 2 or 3 items and a beverage are sufficient for little ones; in line with school policy, no nuts/peanutbutter)

  • 12:10-12:30: Group activity with friends

  • 12:30- 1:15: Gymnastics class

  • 1:15: Parents pick up their child from SIGS staff at carpool line (we will escort your child to your car and help load).

LUNCH NOTES: Middletown United Methodist Preschool and SIGS Extended Day observe a NUT FREE POLICY. Please label lunch boxes and other items with your child's name. 

What to Wear? 

We ask that children wear shorts and a shirt or pants and a shirt; not dresses. 


Tennis shoes or other closed-toe, secured footwear; please no boots, sandals or dress shoes.

Since we are upside down, hair should be pulled up and back from the face for safety; please no jewelry (other than small earring posts). 

Please label all items.



  • 9/10Tuesday Session I Begins

  • 9/11 Wednesday Session I Begins


  • Tuesday,10/8: no school (fall break)

  • Tuesday, 10/15: no school (field trip)


  • Tuesday, 11/5: no school (p/t conference)

  • Tuesday, 10/23: Session II Payment Due

  • Tuesday, 11/6: Session II Begins

  • Wednesday, 11/12: Session II Payment Due

  • Wednesday, 11/26: Session II Begins

  • Wednesday, 11/27: No school (Thanksgiving)


  • Tuesday, 12/10: Observation Day

  • Wednesday, 12/11: Observation Day

  • No School 12/23- 1/3



  • Tuesday, 1/7: Back from Break (week 5)

  • Wednesday, 1/8: Back from Break (week 7)

  • Wednesday, 1/8: Session III Payment Due

  • Tuesday, 1/21: Session III Payment Due

  • Wednesday, 1/23: Session III Begins

  • Tuesday, 2/4: Session III Begins


  • No known exceptions / notable dates


  • Wednesday, 3/11: Last Class / Observation Day / Awards

  • Tuesday, 3/24: Last Class / Observation Day / Awards

UPDATED 9/12/19

MAKE-UP POLICY: If MUMPS is closed, Extended Day is closed. We will make up instances of missed classes due to cancellation due to weather or other imposed changes by MUMPS. We are unable to offer make-ups or refunds for missed classes due to illness or missed dates.

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