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Whether you need to work on a specific skill, or need more focused attention, individual and partner lessons may be the solution!

Gymnastics and Cheer Tumbling

Lessons are 30-focused-minutes and are billed monthly to the card on file on the 20th of the  month for the following month.


For Ages 5+ 

Individual Lessons $115 monthly

Partner Lessons $90/monthly/participant

(partners must be paired prior to request)

SIGS Team members MUST have coach permission to participate in this program.

Please fill out the following information and we will match your athlete with a coach that will help your child meet their goals. SIGS has very limited space and time for these lessons due to our recreational classes and teams practice. These lessons are usually only able to be conducted outside of these other program times - best opportunities are for early afternoon (3-4 p.m.) or late evening (after 7 p.m.). 

Lessons are billed on the 20th of the month to the card on file for the following month (example: June lessons are billed May 20). If you wish to cancel, you must let us know by phone, 812-949-7447 or email by the 19th of the month; you can also manage your lessons on the portal.

SIGS lessons are a commitment to the athlete and the coach.

We understand illnesses and events do happen - please do us the courtesy of calling in advance, 812-949-7447. With a medical note, we can work to make up the lesson. If a missed lesson is for any other reason, we regret that we are unable to offer makeups due to the waitlist of this program and the individual scheduling necessary for each coach/athlete pairing. If the time and day no longer work for your family, please let us know.


We will be back with you soon! Thanks!

OUR LESSON COORDINATOR WILL WORK WITH OUR STAFF to match your family with a coach during your availability. We will then call you to set up your lesson dates. This may take a few days for us to coordinate. If you have not heard from us in 7-10 business days, please call us at 812-949-7447.

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