[UPDATED 3/29] FAQ: During the Shut Down

Updated: Mar 29

THANK YOU families for the love and patience with us as we all work together during this challenging time. Here's the note we sent 3/16/2020 to our #SIGSfamily members.

How long is SIGS closed?

SIGS is closed, observing state guidelines to stay #healthyathome in response to COVID-19 outbreaks in our community and around the world. We will re-open when it is safe to do so!

Will SIGS continue 20th of the month CLASS charges?

SIGS will not automatically bill families for recreational classes during our closure. When we have a reopening date, we will then reach out to families and let you know our date of opening and when classes resume, as well as when we will schedule processing for classes.

  • Most classes have a credit on their account today for the week of 3/15 when we first shut down.

  • The week of 3/23 was a planned no class week due to Southern Indiana's Spring Break and classes were not charged for that week.

  • When classes resume, we will apply any credits on your account first before taking a payment. We will also pro-rate the month if we resume programs at a time other than the beginning of a month.

  • We will message you in advance via email to let you know when classes will begin.

What happens to my child's class?

Your child will remain enrolled in classes; we will be providing make-up options throughout the year so our friends can get back into the swing of things as quickly as possible!

Look for posts on Facebook or Instagram with fun things kids can SAFELY do at home using stuff around the house to keep up with their conditioning and programs.

What about my team?

SIGS teams are billed on a 48-week schedule, not a 52-week schedule and allow for breaks throughout the team year. Due to how Christmas week fell, and the various school system schedules for Fall Break and Holiday Breaks, along with our meet weekends, SIGS has more than fulfilled our team practice schedule to this point. We will continue to evaluate this as we move forward if we are to continue to stay closed for an additional length of time due to concerns around social distancing.

UPDATE: Teams were sent messaging March 25-27 about charges to their accounts from team directors. Questions regarding charges should be sent to

What about birthday parties?

Through our closed date, we have contacted our party families to let them know we are putting credits on their accounts and working to reschedule their party so that we can ensure their special day still happens!

My child was in Intensive Swim or Ninja Camp what happens with that?

All of our Intensive Swim program and Ninja Camp friends who were enrolled for Spring Break have credits on their accounts. Account credits can be used for future programs, classes, teams, parties, Bouncetime... anything we do at SIGS.

SIGS is continuing the increased cleaning and sanitizing protocols we put in place.

This includes using steam, disinfectant, and our Victory sprayer using hospital-grade disinfectant on all surfaces. See more on that here. We will continue these protocols when we re-open to ensure everyone remains safe and healthy.

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