Launch Pad

Help us keep The Launch Pad safe and help our friends stay on task!

  • Entering: It is important that once students enter The Launch Pad for class, that they stay in the room. It is a safety issue, not to mention a distraction to have kids going in and out.

  • Restroom: We understand there may be bathroom issues, as some of these friends may be potty training. Please ensure students use the restroom prior to class. Once one student has to go, suddenly others do too.

  • Food: Ideally, students should eat before or after class. Food should not enter The Launch Pad.

  • Presence: Unless your child is in a parent and tot class, parents should not be in The Launch Pad (unless an instructor has invited you in). These friends are learning independence and have moved onto a class appropriate for their age and maturity. It may be difficult for both you and them at first, but it will get better and they will be able to learn and grow (and you can watch them every step)!

We want them and the other friends taking class at SIGS to get the most from the program; we have to work on minimizing distractions, and for safety reasons, ensure students are staying with the instructor so the focus can be on learning.

Lastly, we wanted to share what SIGS is doing to minimize the spread of germs to keep everyone safe. Our instructors clean before and after classes, we do intensive deep cleaning before programs, and we are increasing the use of our Victory sprayer, a hospital grade disinfectant delivery system that is safe and proven as effective against commonly shared viruses. We are also sharing hand sanitizer before AND after classes. We ask for your help too – if your child has a fever, has been vomiting, had diarrhea or other symptoms of illness, please make sure they are free of those issues for at least 24 hours.

We appreciate all of your help and we thank you for choosing #SIGSgym for your child. Please reach out if you have any questions – thank you!

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