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As everyone is aware, COVID-19 has caused many school closures and programs to change as we work together as a community to keep each other safe. Everyone has been impacted.

At SIGS, we are working as hard as we can to increase cleaning and sanitizing of our entire facility. In addition to professional cleaning, and our usual upkeep, we are stationing staff to deep clean more often, to sanitize during all open hours, and to do even more overnight between closing and opening. You can read more here.

  • Athletes will receive hand sanitizer entering and exiting the gym and at every apparatus station.

  • Athletes should BRING A FULL WATER BOTTLE in a backsack or backpack. This pack will travel with them to each station in the gym. (Water fountains are off; concession stand is closed.)


SIGS, at this time, will REMAIN OPEN for classes and practices.

  • Classes were off March 23-28 already due to a scheduled Spring Break week; they were not charged.

  • Class students may choose not to attend class during March 16-21; contact us to receive a CREDIT to your account for the missed class. That way you stay enrolled for your class, and keep your child's spot. Call or email us.

  • Teams will have practices over Spring Break - many teams were already on a modified schedule due to the break. See the Spring Break training schedule here. If you choose not to come to practice, please let your child's coach know.

  • Adults: due to prescribed social distancing, we ask that you limit the number of adults who attend a class or practice with your child, and that compromised populations, those who are ill, the elderly, or those more susceptible to illness not come to SIGS at this time.

  • Arrive on time. In efforts to maintain light numbers of individuals in the lobby, we ask that you do your best to bring your child to practice on time (not early or late).

SIGS Birthday Parties

  • We are continuing hosting parties on weekends with the same cleaning protocols listed above, and increased attention to hygiene with hand sanitizers, as well as soap and water for attendees.

  • If you would prefer to move your party, we can discuss a date in the future for your family. Call us, 812-949-7447 or email us and we will get back with you.

  • We encourage individual CUPCAKES, not sliced cakes, no ice cream, or anything that requires utensils (beginning next week). No food (i.e. pizza) can be served at parties during this time. This is for the safety of all guests.

  • Limit adult guests, especially those as noted above, due to social distancing for families.


  • At this time BOUNCETIME WILL BE CANCELLED through March 27. Our BOUNCETIME program requires adults and children to attend together. We feel this does not allow for social distancing or allow us to be as thorough with our cleaning protocols as we would like during this time due to the open nature of the program.

  • BOUNCETIME passes remain on file; we will keep them, you will be able to use them again.


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