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SIGS has limited openings for teams and spots are expected to be highly competitive; please read about each program before registering.

Women's Teams - Sunday, May 15: CALL TO REGISTER 812-949-7447
Men's Teams - Sunday, May 15: CALL TO REGISTER 812-949-7447
Trampoline Teams - Saturday, May 21: CALL TO REGISTER 812-949-7447
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SIGS' Team Tryouts for the 2022-23 season are in May this year with evaluations for our women's, men's, and co-ed trampoline teams. Tryouts are $40/athlete to participate and must be registered in advance. 


Tryouts will be run like a class and athletes will rotate with groups of similar skills and ages. They will already know some skills and will be asked to do new skills as well.


For our Women's Teams, we have a variety of team tracks, including recreational with a 6-month commitment, as well as developmental, and two competitive tracks with annual commitments.

  • RECREATIONAL TEAM PROGRAM: This program should be pursued by athletes not wanting a competitive experience, but who desire a fun, team atmosphere. There are two 6-month sessions with a skills showcase near the conclusion of each session. For ages 7+.

  • COMPETITIVE TEAM PROGRAM: This includes the developmental level, are annual commitments with gymnastics meets (at home and regionally depending on level).

    • All advanced class program athletes are invited to tryouts for the competitive team (those enrolled in GymStars/Advanced Preschool).

    • ​We will have open tryout slots as well for competitive teams.​

    • SIGS has a total of 36 spots available on competitive teams for '22-23.


For our Men's Teams, we have competitive programs for athletes at all levels. For the Men's Team Tryouts, athletes already enrolled in GymStars DO NOT TRY OUT for Men's Team; they will be evaluated in their class practice. Men's Team Tryouts are for OPEN TRYOUTS ONLY: those from other programs or those enrolled in regular recreational boy's classes.


Our Trampoline and Tumbling Team is a member of the United States Trampoline and Tumbling Association and competes as a member of the Kentucky Chapter of the USTA. 

We have four levels of co-ed Trampoline and Tumbling Teams from Novice to Advanced. Trampoline and Tumbling athletes perform skills on specialized equipment, including a rod floor and specialized trampolines. 

Tryouts will be on Saturday, May 21 beginning at noon. To register for tryouts, please call 812-949-7447

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