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Trampoline + Tumbling is a co-ed Olympic sport, divided into nine divisions for tumbling and six divisions for the double-mini and the trampoline. SIGS competes with the state of Kentucky in T+T. SIGS Trampoline +Tumbling is a member of USTA, the governing body.


SIGS has multiple trampolines, including a double-mini, tumble tracks, and a rod floor. We have three levels of competitive teams in our T+T program at SIGS, and competitors are ages 5+. Trampoline and Tumbling teams perform on specialized equipment meant for athletes to fly high (these are not your backyard trampolines!).

T+T teams are divided by skills and practice twice a week for 1.5 - 2.5 hours each day depending on skill and level. Tuition, including competition fees, are $200-$300/month depending on their placed level. Uniforms are additional charges, between $120-300 for the season (prices vary based on athlete's needs from prior seasons, i.e. backpack, warm-ups, etc.) Most SIGS T+T meets take place around the state of Kentucky. Select athletes may be invited to compete at the national level at the end of the season.


Sunday, 5/8 @ 1 p.m.

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