SIGS Women's Teams

SIGS Women's Gymnastics Teams are organized into three sections based on your child's interest and commitment level — eXcite Teams, eXcel Teams, and eXtreme Teams.


Each Team section is then further divided based on age and ability to encourage proper progression in the sport.

Tryouts for SIGS gymnastics teams are in the spring each year and are a year-round commitment.

eXtreme Program: 2-4 hour practices; 2-4 days/week

The eXtreme program, as the name implies, requires the greatest degree of commitment and is designed for athletes who are both physically and mentally prepared to train gymnastics at the highest level.


Gymnasts must demonstrate superior gymnastics abilities and a commitment to excellence to be selected for an eXtreme team placement.

The eXtreme program consists of levels 1-10. Compulsory levels 1-5 train up to 3 days/week and compete in local Indiana competitions whereas Optional levels 6-10 train 4 days per week and compete in 7-9 meets throughout the region.

eXcel Program: 3-4 hour practices; 2-3 days/week

The eXcel program is designed for athletes who show a strong work ethic and desire to improve, yet require a greater degree of flexibility in skill or commitment.


Gymnasts are invited to our eXcel program after a successful season on an eXcite team or a strong showing at team tryouts.

The eXcel program consists of five divisions, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, which practice 2-3 times per week and participate in local competitions throughout the year.

eXcite Program: 1.5-2 hour practices; 1-2 days a week

The eXcite program is the first tier of our Women’s Team Program for gymnasts who are ready to commit to being a part of a team. eXcite teams are divided by age and train a similar skill set in preparation for our competitive team program.


Gymnasts who meet a particular skill criterion, as well as show exemplary behavioral skills, are invited to join the eXcite program.


eXcite teams will begin training one day/week in the summer and add a second practice day in the fall. Gymnasts will also perform at in-house, achievement-based competitions during the season.

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