How To Do Digital Skill Testing


DIGITAL SKILLS TESTING is a great way for us to keep in contact with families on a regular basis so that they can receive updates weekly or monthly instead of quarterly. Please make sure you are doing digital skills testing with your students REGULARLY so that we can assess skills. This will help us also when it comes time for team tryouts as coaches can look at student's recorded skills as a pre-assessment for invitations.

1. Sign on with the Kindle as normal. Log in to Attendance.

2. Find your class and take Attendance as normal.                

3. SUBMIT Attendance.

4. Click on the PURPLE Star in the corner.

5. That will bring you to the Class Category and a drop-down list of events for testing in that class.

  • Click on the event name you are testing.

    • Click on a skill. You should see a list of all of the students in that class. You will also see the stars marked if they have tested that skill before. 

    •  Click on the Purple "eye" to see a description of that skill and the expectations to obtain 3 stars on that event for each class level.

      • ​When you are done, click on the Purple "eye" to return to the previous screen.

    • Check the appropriate stars for each gymnast, then SUBMIT.

    • ​When done, click the blue checkmark to return to your class attendance screen.

    • ​Let the office know that you have done skills testing and they will send the results to the parents.



Week 1 (Feb 1-6)


  • Running form—skipping, mountain climbers, knees up

  • Straight Jump—includes jumping with 2 feet, work on straight legs

  • For Kindergarten up         

    • handstand and front handspring to flat back—focus on hitting the handstand shape and falling to tight pencil point— FOR SAFETY: HAVE GYMNAST KEEP HANDS ON THE FIRM RESI AND FALL TO A HANDSTAND ON THE SOFTER 8 INCH MATS


Week 2 (Feb 7-13)


  • Straddle and tuck hangs with straight legs

  • Bat hangs

  • Pullovers (Launch Pad can test these the weeks you’re on B stations)


Week 3 (Feb 14-20)

 BEAM (Always practice mounts):

  • Walks forwards/backwards/sideways

  • Passe’ and Arabesque’ holds

  • Lunges/Lever T’s/Handstands


Week 4 (Feb 21-27)

 FLOOR (Always work Handstands/Cartwheels/Bridges)

  • Straddle/Pike/Pencil stretches (can be done in warm-ups)

  • Hinges and Knee Bridges

  • Straddle and Tuck Jumps

  • Backwards rolls

  • Headstands