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Rec Class Update

April 14, 2023



  1. Gym Stars tryouts taking place tomorrow, 4/15, are the last tryouts until June. Please do not promote students to Gym Stars/Advanced Preschool until you hear back from me. We will be continuing Gym Stars programming, however, we usually pause this time of year for 30 days or so while teams assimilate.

  2. Class Management Notes: TL/DR Do not send students out of class for time outs! Further info below - see/contact me with questions or redirection help/especially challenging situations. You are not alone, and we can work this out!

Jen Cropper

Rec Class Director

Please Do NOT send kids out of class for a Time Out with their parents. 

We are getting multiple complaints from parents who do not understand why their child is being sent out.

Class Management begins with:

  1. Engaging your students before they even walk in the door!

    1. Greet them with a smile.

    2. Tell them you’re excited to see them.

  2. Setting clear expectations.

    1. Tell them where you want them to go: Give them a specific spot.

      1. Line up on the blue line. 

      2. Pick a circle dot and “freeze.” 

    2. Use the words “We’re here to LEARN,” Not “We’re PLAYING.”

      1. Don’t be afraid to say this in front of parents! Many times parents tell their kids to go play. 

      2. When you greet the kids at the door, ask, “Are You Ready To LEARN Gymnastics Today?” 

    3. Tell them the behaviors you want to see. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat!

  3. Rewarding what you like! Give praise and point out kids following your directions. Use them as an example for kids having a hard time. (But be sure you’re not always using the same kid for your models!)

  4. Demonstrate skills while using the skill name so the kids know what you want them to do. (If you are uncomfortable demonstrating a skill, pick a child you know will allow you to “spot” them to show).

  5. Keeping kids moving: the more time kids spend sitting and “watching,” the more likely you will lose their attention. 

    1. Having a kid go first through the obstacle course has been successful in your class. 

    2. Teach the kids to Follow The Leader. Teach them to use their eyes to watch when the person in front of them is done, then it’s their turn to go. 

    3. Save the obstacle you plan to spot for last so that you can help each kid watch and wait for their turn to start.

  6. Keep praising what you like! 

    1. Find the things they are doing well! 

    2. High Fives! Applaud! Smile!

If you need to discipline a gymnast:

  1. Make sure they know WHY!

  2. Give them 1-2 warnings first, using obvious wording. Be specific, short, and to the point. (e.g., Bobby, I need you to keep your hands to yourself. If you touch Amy’s hair again, you will sit down and lose your next turn.)

  3. Expect to be tested! 

    1. Children will try to see if you mean what you said. 

    2. Your following through shows them they can trust you to keep your word. When that child breaks your rule again, have them sit and “lose” their next turn…moving them to the back of the line. 

    3. This Time Out should only be for a minute or 2. (Don’t be surprised if you have to do this more than once!)

  4. At the beginning of class, offer a reward! 

    1. “Everyone who listens and follows directions will get to play a game at the end of class.” 

    2. Remind them of this throughout the class as needed. (e.g., Bobby, remember if you keep your hands to yourself, we’re all playing a game at the end of class.) 

    3. It’s really ok to keep reminding them! Remember, they are 3 and 4 years old! 

  5. Do not feel like you have to give stickers! Stickers are a reward, BUT make sure the child AND parent know why they did not receive a sticker.

  6. If you have a challenging child, talk to the parents and ask what they recommend first! You might be surprised to discover what is happening in this child’s life!

  7. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for it! Talk to Jen to see what options you may have! You can always text, call, or leave a message if you can’t catch her during your work shift!


We have a fantastic team! We believe in you and want you to enjoy your job, even with its challenges!

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