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December 7, 2023



Due to recent complaints/concerns from parties, parents, and guests, we need to address some areas of concern.


Please review the following information:


Basic Host requirements:

  1. Take your bucket to your party room.

  2. Set up for the next party promptly.

  3. Greet guests.

  4. Take the guests onto the gym floor.

  5. Go over the rules with the guests.

  6. Walk around, watch the kids be safe, and ensure adults are following the rules.


As a LEAD host, you must enforce SIGS party rules. Including addressing any adults who aren't following the rules or acting dangerously, ensuring children's safety, liaising with the Party Parent about guest count and additional guest fees, handling any medical issues, and training any assistants in the correct way to lead a party. If you need more confidence in fulfilling these responsibilities, please reconsider leading.


General Host duties:

It is NOT appropriate to be standing at the gym dividers, chatting with the hosts working on other parties or socializing among staff. Please only stand at the "circle release form" table if people are actively still signing in; otherwise, we need to supervise and engage party participants.


While I value each of you, I've been receiving repeated concerns about the basics of host duties. We must address these issues to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for our guests and families.  


Please text me "Read and Understand" so that I know that you have read this and are clear on your duties.


Thank you!


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