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Party Reminders

Thank you for choosing SIGS for your child's important day!


Here are some tips and reminders to help your party be fun for everyone! 

  • ONLY CHILDREN are allowed in party areas. 

    • The party child's parent may enter to take photos.​

    • ONE parent of a child under 3 may enter to assist that child if needed.

    • SIGS equipment is exclusively for child use.

    • Parents can watch all of the activities from the viewing upstairs or seating downstairs.

  • Arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled party time to greet your guests.

    • We'll have a tub set up on a table with your child's name on it in the lobby.

    • Your party host will take your birthday treat to store for you during the play portion of your child's event. 

      • We only allow single-serve items - this means items that do not need a utensil to be served or consumed (some examples: cupcakes, donuts, cookies, a wrapped ice cream novelty). Nothing that has to be cut and served. 

  • ​​Remind your guests to wear comfortable, casual clothing.

  • Encourage your guests to arrive promptly. 

    • The party will begin exactly at your scheduled time and times cannot be extended due to late guests.

  • In the party room, we provide: 

    • Party rooms are decorated in festive, bright colors; please do not bring additional decorations.

    • all of the paper products (plates, napkins),

    • a capri sun per child,

    • a party favor per child. 

    • All you have to bring are cupcakes/donuts/cookies and a candle!

    • Drinks for parents are not provided.  If you think you will have parents stay, you may want to bring a cooler of (non-alcoholic) water bottles/cans for adults.


Call us and ask for a birthday party specialist during our business office hours 812-949-7447

Balloons are not allowed at SIGS as gifts or as decorations. 

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