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Changes to SIGS Recreational Programs June 2023

May 15, 2023

Dear SIGS Families,

Beginning in June, SIGS is implementing exciting changes to our gym-based programs!

  • Recreational gymnastics and tumbling classes will be five minutes longer beginning in June.

    • 35-minute classes will now be 40 minutes.

    • 45-minute classes will now be 50 minutes.

    • 50-minute classes will now be 55 minutes.

    • 80-minute classes will now be 85 minutes

Our swim program will remain 30 minutes with the same low instruction ratios to students (1:4 or 1:5, depending on level). Active classes and individual and partner lessons will remain the duration too.

Like most businesses, SIGS has absorbed numerous rate and material increases for nearly everything. We had hoped pricing would moderate; however, that has yet to be the case. Therefore, for June 2023, moving forward, our pricing for monthly recreational programs is as follows:

  • Gymnastics, tumbling, and active classes of up to 55 minutes will be $84/month.

  • Gymnastics, tumbling, and gym-based programs of 56-80 minutes will be $105/month.

  • 30-minute recreational swim lessons will be $75/month. A 50-minute swim will be $84/month.

  • Individual lessons will be $125/per month, and partner lessons will be $98/per student/month.

Recreational class programs are billed to the card on file on the 20th of the month. These charges for June will occur on May 20. SIGS does not charge family or student membership fees, registration fees, or other add-on charges to our recreational programs. We require a two-month minimum student enrollment for the best learning outcomes. Families wishing to unenroll students must do so by the 19th of the month at the latest; SIGS has numerous waiting lists for programs, allowing us to fill those spots if you wish to stop classes.


  • Can I hold my child’s spot for summer but pause attendance until fall? The only way we can do so is to keep your child continuously enrolled. We maintain low student-to-teacher ratios in our programs for the best learning opportunities; holding a spot for your child takes one of those student spots.

  • We have a vacation planned this summer; can we get a make-up class? We want our families to enjoy their summer! Unfortunately, due to our programs being so full, with waitlists, we cannot provide make-up tokens for students because we do not have availability or inventory in our programs.

    • We will do a make-up class in illness incidents with a doctor’s note. If you miss due to another sport, school function, vacation, or other reason, you will miss that week of class and catch up the following week.

    • Students who stay enrolled with us do receive a bonus fifth-week class. SIGS programming is priced on receiving four classes a month, and throughout the year, months have a bonus class for students. So if you need to miss now and then and stay enrolled, this will balance out!

  • Do you offer siblings or additional class discounts? SIGS offers 10% off second and subsequent classes for additional students in the same household and/or additional classes for the same student. We also are proud to honor veterans and active-duty military with 10% off class enrollments for students in their households.

We appreciate your choosing #SIGSgym for your child, and we are proud to continue the tradition of helping students learn, grow, and play at SIGS for more than 40 years!

Thank you,


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