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How is SIGS Cleaning?

SIGS' Cleaning and Sanitation Procedures

UPDATE: All adults and children over age 3 should wear a mask or face covering in accordance with the Floyd County, Indiana mandate extended through December 31, 2020. Athletes will not be required to wear coverings during practice or active class, or during Ninja Camp (but can if desired); participants ages 3 and over will be required to wear face coverings during Bouncetime, and at all times in common areas of the building.

  • Cleaning of mats, and hard surfaces with disinfectant, including bars, beams, pommels, vault tables, and all other apparatus. Staff cleaning wiping mats and areas throughout the day (between programs or rotations).

  • In-depth, deep cleaning of mats and hard surfaces with a steam cleaner and disinfectant.

  • Hourly cleaning of lobby areas, bathrooms, and customer viewing areas by staff.

  • Overnight cleaning by a professional cleaning company, including disinfectant, mopping, dusting.

  • Victory spray disinfectant of team and class areas, including all apparatus. This hospital-grade disinfectant system sprays surfaces that are more difficult to provide cleaning too (both hard and soft surfaces, like the foam pits).

  • Provided hand sanitizer to students and all customers before, during, after classes, practices, or birthday parties. For classes and practices, hand sanitizer will be given at entering the gyms or pool and concluding each rotation event.

  • Ample bathrooms with soap and water to wash hands.

  • Social distancing for all programs. Class instructor/coach to student ratios will be maintained: our swim programs are 1:4, 1:5 for parent tot, 1:5 in advanced levels; preschool programs are 1:4 /1:6; elementary and older gymnastics are 1:6 or 1:8. Combining of groups will not be allowed if ratios are impacted.

  • Staff will wear masks.

We ask that only ONE ADULT per participant attend and that non-participant siblings not be at SIGS at this time. If a sibling needs to attend, please bring items to keep them occupied so that they can be near you at all times.

If you are leaving your child for practice / class, please sign out at the office (even if you are just going to your car) so we know where to find you should a need arise.

Thanks for your help and understanding as we all do our best to keep each other healthy and safe.

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