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Recreational Class Billings

#SIGSgym does not charge member fees for individuals or families. We bill every month on the 20th of the month for enrolled families. Families wanting to take a break should let us know by the 19th of the month at the latest that you are pausing your programs in order to not be billed.

While SIGS does not have contracts for classes, students beginning a new program or class should spend two months in the program. This allows students to acclimate to programs and become acquainted with lesson plans, obstacles, and class flow while meeting new friends and learning about their sport. Some students take a little longer to get used to class than others.

SIGS class participant families have a card on file at the office. We bill you automatically on the 20th of the month for the next month. If a card is declined for any reason (address mismatch, fraud, nonsufficient funds, etc.), we will call, text, and email you. We will work with families to cure the balance prior to the first of the month for the new classes.

We check regularly and monitor attendance in our programs. Because we have so many waitlists for classes we will reach out to you if your child has been absent for three consecutive weeks to check in and make sure the class day and time works for you. Many families choose to continue to pay for programs while they pause so they do not lose their child's spot. We want to be sure your student wants to attend and see how we might help!

REFUNDS: SIGS does not offer refunds for programs once paid; cancellations must be made prior to the 20th before being billed. If your child wants to drop a class after payment is rendered, we can put a credit on your account to be used for a future enrollment, or any other program/in-stock merchandise at SIGS.

MAKE UP TOKENS: If SIGS cancels classes due to holiday or weather, we will issue make-up tokens at our discretion to ensure students receive the number of class programs paid. We based our charges on four classes each month; during the year depending on the month and days, students may have five classes in a month. On months where five classes are on the calendar in one calendar month, SIGS will not issue a make-up for the missed class.

MISSED CLASSES / ILLNESSES: Students should stay home if exhibiting any signs of transmittable illness, or if they simply do not feel well. Students missing SIGS programs due to illness or injury can submit a medical note in order to receive a make-up token for each class missed. Tokens expire after 30 days. If an injury or illness is extended, please talk to us so that we can work through a solution for your family.

Due to the popularity of our programs, we are unable to accommodate make-up tokens for things like schedule conflicts due to anyone in the family/the participant. We do not have room in our programs for this flexibility. Students would miss their class for the week and rejoin the following week.

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