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SIGS GIVES: Aiden's Legacy

Every year SIGS supports a community organization that assists those close to our heart. This year, SIGS is partnering with Aiden's Legacy.

Aiden's Legacy collects items for children receiving care at Norton Children's Hospital. SIGS is collecting three categories of items for Aiden's:

  • "POKE PRIZES" - These are small items that are used to get kids to "yes!" for things they need to do, but do not necessarily want to do when they are scared/feeling unwell at the hospital. Things like getting a scan, a shot, going to the restroom, taking a shower, etc... These are under $5 and include items like hot wheels, small Legos, etc (think happy meal type items).

  • CELEBRATION BAGS - We are seeking items that can assist filling out a Celebration Bag, items given to children at the completion of cancer treatment. These are party favors, sunglasses, hats, noise makers, etc for a celebration. Each child receives a bag that includes a medium - large Lego set in addition to items for a little celebration!

  • LEGOS - Medium to Large sized Lego Sets. We encourage families and teams to work together to purchase medium to large Lego sets. Kids who are at the hospital for extended stays and treatments and those leaving post treatment receive a medium to large Lego Set from Aiden's Legacy.

Aiden's Legacy was created for Aiden, a boy in our community who overcame leukemia twice in his life and is in remission. He has experienced six years of treatment and overcame multiple health related obstacles. Aiden's Legacy (also known as Aiden's Lego Legacy), collects Legos and other items to support children like him receiving care and treatment at Norton Children's Hospital.

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