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THE DISMOUNT: March 2022

Level 4 Top 113 Mark at Money Madness

Feb. 12 – The Level 4 team achieved an exciting team total of 113.425 at the Money Madness meet taking home second place overall.

The team’s best performance came on the floor where Makayla Kent earned a big 9.70 for first place. Kylie Lewellen wasn’t far behind posting a 9.60, good for second while Emerson Cecil’s score of 9.575 earned first place in her division. Each score represents a season-best for the athletes in addition to Sara Jones (9.525), Aarya Singh (9.0) and Mia Wilkinson (9.350).

On the bars, the team’s consistency and big swing earned the top bar-team score of the session. Kent matched her best of 9.60 for first. Cecil posted a season-best score of 9.50 earning first in her division while Amelia Hillman tallied a 9.450, good for second and rounding out the team total.

Success continued on the vault and beam for the Level 4s. Kent posted her third score over 9.50 on vault with a 9.525 and claimed another gold medal. Lewellen and Hillman both tallied 9.250s earning first and second place in their divisions, respectively. While on the beam, Wilkinson and Hillman shared a 9.350 tying for second place. Wilkinson’s score represents a season high. Cecil rounded out the event with a 9.275 which was good for first in her division.

Cecil, Hillman and Kent each posted all around totals over the 37-mark going 1-2 and 3 in their divisions. Cecil’s winning score of 37.125 represents a season high. The team will conclude their season with the Indiana Compulsory State competition in March.

Level 8s Set New Highs at Midwest Showdown

Feb. 20 — The Level 8 team placed third with a season best score at the Midwest Showdown. Cali Kruer and Stella Klaus highlighted the team’s performance counting at least three events scores for the team total.

The team’s best performance came on floor where Kruer placed first with a 9.725. This marks Kruer’s third score better than a 9.70 this season. Kendall Williams’ improvement in performance earned her a 9.425, matching her season-best and earning a third-place medal, while Klaus rounded out the floor total with a 9.375 for second in her division.

Beam came together for the Level 8s as they improved their event total by over a point and earned the top team-beam score of the meet (28.275). Kruer posted the top mark once again with a new personal best of 9.525 for first place. Shelby Heck found her composure earning a season-best 9.450 claiming second place and Klaus debuted a new series combination leading her to a best score of 9.30 and a gold medal.

Overall, the team tallied an 111.050, their highest score of the season. Kruer bested her all around total with a 37.450 taking home a third gold medal. Klaus earned silver with her score of 36.575, a personal improvement by one-point. Heck, also improved her all around best with a 36.275 taking fourth place overall.

The team has one last competition in March before the State Championships later that month.

Two Takes at Midwest Showdown for Level 3

Feb. 19 — The Level 3 team competed at the Midwest Showdown where the team was divided into two groups for competition. Facing diverse competition, each group gained experience and confidence in preparation for the State meet in March.

The “A squad” tallied a 112.20 good for a second-place finish while the “B squad” reached a 109.250 and took home a first place banner for the session. Individual highlights include:

· 1st place finishers: Morgan Rice UB*, BB* & AA*, Addeline Deaton BB* & AA*, Lillian Koeppel FX and Gracie Smith UB*

· 2nd place finishers: Addeline Deaton UB & FX, Lydia Koeppel BB & FX*, Gemma Alexander BB, Lillian Koeppel BB, Audrey Mccoy VT, Emily Pomeroy AA and Ainsley Sons BB*

· 3rd place finishers: Emily Pomeroy VT & UB, Addeline Deaton VT, Gracie Smith AA and Ainsley Sons AA*

· Season highs (also represented with an * above): Addisyn Peck VT, BB & AA, Raelin Eckenroth UB & AA, Piper Schalk VT & AA, Lucy Schneider UB & AA, Haylee Adams FX, Gemma Alexander UB, Rhiann Helpingstine UB, Lillian Koeppel UB, Emily Pomeroy BB and Ainsley Sons UB

Level 7 Bar Team Strong

Feb. 20 – The Level 7 team did not hold back as they posted their best bar score of the season of 28.50, an improvement of over one and a half points. That mark earned the top bar-team score of the session at the Midwest Showdown.

Maddie Chandler led the team on bars with a big 9.550, earning second place in her division and setting a personal-best. Ari Bordenkircher also reached a 9.5-mark for her routine and placed fourth while Morgan Lincoln rounded out the event with a 9.450, a best for her and good for first place in her division.

In addition to the bars, the team remained consistent across the other three events leading them to a new team high of 112.575, nearly a two-point improvement this season. The team placed fourth overall and will compete once more before State in late March.

eXcel Athletes Shine at Out of This World

Feb. 27 — Our eXcel program competed at the Out of this World competition in late February. Individual athlete’s shined up on the podium and setting new season-highs in their final competition before State Championships. Gold took second place as a team, Bronze and Silver claimed third and Platinum fourth.

· Dorothy Sargent (XB) – 1st UB 9.40 & AA 37.150, 2nd VT 9.30 & FX 9.150, 3rd BB 9.30. Season bests VT, BB & AA.

· Morgan Kruetzer (XG) – 1st AA 37.125 & FX 9.650, 2nd BB 9.375 & VT 9.0. Season bests AA, FX & BB.

· Hayleigh Underhill (XB) – 1st BB 9.450, 2nd AA 37.30 & 3rd VT 9.30. Season bests BB, FX & AA.

· Jillian Pickering (XG) – 1st AA 37.175 & BB 9.350, 2nd UB 9.40 & VT 9.0. Season bests AA & BB.

· Hadley Everett (XS) – 1st UB 9.450, 2nd FX 9.450 & AA 37.10. Season bests VT, FX & AA.

· Ella Hudson (XS) – 1st UB 9.650 & FX 9.350, 2nd AA 36.70. Season bests UB & FX.

· Sydney Nguyen (XG) – 1st AA 36.875 & UB 9.550, 2nd VT 9.150. Season best AA.

· Ariana Montalvo (XP) – 1st FX 9.625, 3rd VT 8.725 & AA 35.40. Season best FX.

· Avery Wilkinson (XS) – 1st UB 9.550 & FX 9.50. Season bests UB, FX & AA.

· Presley Dunn (XB) – 1st BB 9.50 & 2nd UB 9.350. Season bests BB & AA.

· Lucy Jett (XB) – 1st VT 9.40 & 3rd FX 9.30. Season bests VT & FX.

· Elyzabeth Collingwood (XS) – 1st BB 9.30. Season best BB.

· Mckenna Stewart (XP) – 1st FX 9.550. Season best FX.

· Sarah Montgomery (XG) – 2nd AA 36.50, FX 9.30 & BB 9.175, 3rd VT 8.825. Season best FX.

· Alayna Rutherford (XS) – 2nd BB 9.30 & 3rd AA 36.60. Season bests UB, BB, FX & AA.

· Macy Browning (XB) – 2nd UB 9.60, 3rd FX 9.40 & AA 37.0. Season bests UB & FX.

· Genesis Reyes (XG) – 2nd UB 9.325, 3rd VT 8.95 & AA 36.90. Season bests AA.

· Cheyenne Everage (XP) – 2nd UB 9.250. Season best UB.

· Reagan Hixson (XS) – 2nd BB 9.350. Season best BB.

· Clara Helm (XB) – 2nd BB 9.40. Season best BB.

· Journee Pirtle (XG) – 2nd UB 9.250

· Lillie Owens (XS) – 2nd UB 9.40

· Lillian Downs (XS) – 3rd UB 9.50 & AA 36.450. Season bests UB, FX & AA.

· Evelyn Dominguez (XS) – 3rd FX 9.30. Season best FX.

· Addison Martin (XS) – 3rd BB 9.150. Season best BB.

· Zoe Absher (XP) – 3rd UB 9.325. Season best UB.

· Faith Suiter (XB) – 3rd UB 9.30. Season best UB.

· Chloe Terry-Mosier (XG) – 3rd AA 36.150

· Liliana Melvin (XG) – 3rd UB 9.225

· Averyi Jones (XG) – 3rd VT 9.0

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