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What Should My Child Wear to SIGS' Classes?


Athleticwear – boys and girls can wear athleticwear. Shirts should be tucked into shorts or leggings/joggers as our friends will go upside down! Jeans and items that button and zip may be uncomfortable (and can be a safety issue!) when going around bars – elastic waistbands and fitted styles are best!

Most girls will be wearing one-piece leotards – we sell a variety in our ProShop, but you can purchase them elsewhere too, including big box stores, boutiques, and internet retailers. Please be sure they do not include a tutu or skirt as these are a safety concern on uneven bars, and that our bellies are covered since they can be pinched or feel uncomfortable on apparatus.

All students should have hair pulled back, no jewelry (post earrings are okay), and will enter class in bare feet.


Students should wear athleticwear, shorts and a t-shirt or full tank top styles are best options; we prefer midriffs to be covered and shirt should be tucked in. Students may wear socks and shoes or attend in bare feet. All students should have hair pulled back and away from their face; no jewelry (post earrings are okay).


Same guidelines as Tumbling classes. Trampoline programs may also wear leotards. Students in trampoline class should also have clean socks for a specialty trampoline for this program.


Swimsuit or trunks, rash guard shirts are fine. Students may want goggles and should bring a towel. SIGS has locker room areas for changing.


Please label your student’s items and keep them with you or help friends remember to grab their belongings. Throughout the year we end up with several items left, including toys, water bottles, electronics, coats, clothes, and shoes (and many times just ONE shoe!).

SIGS works to reunite missed items with families, but if not labeled we have no way to know! We wash all clothing/towels and reusable bottles and keep items in our lost and found over a series of weeks before donating them to The Mustard Seed or other local charities.

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