What to wear to SIGS for classes?


Boys and girls should wear athletic shorts and a tucked-in shirt; items should not be loose-fitting.

Girls may wear a leotard; SIGS sells several brands in the ProShop, additionally area big-box stores also carry a small selection. Leotards should not have a tutu or skirt to prevent a potential safety hazard when flipping around a bar.

Leotards should be one-piece garments, and shirts should cover the midriff area as students will flip around apparatus and the cloth offers a layer of protection to prevent injury to the skin. Students may wear shorts over their leotards if they choose.

Students’ hair should be pulled back and away from the face. Limit jewelry to small post earrings only. Participants will attend class in bare feet for gymnastics; tumblers may wear athletic shoes if desired. Trampolinists need socks.


One-piece swimsuits are preferred. Students may wear rash-guard shirts. Goggles are optional, but usually preferred by students in levels 2-7. Please bring a towel; parents may enter the pool area at the end of class if a child needs assistance with drying off and getting changed in the pool restrooms. If a child is not completely and confidently potty trained, the child should wear a swim diaper.

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